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International Week in Amsterdam - 13-15 March

Dear Colleagues,

We are proud to organise in Amsterdam on March 13, 14 and 15 our 3rd  International Week with the theme: The future of Global Marketing and entrepreneurship.  

We have an interesting programme both for the guest lecturers as well as our students and lecturers. Students from our Dutch stream marketing programmes and students from our international business programmes are the audience. We also organise a professionalisation day for the guest lecturers in combination with lecturers from our own programmes. An excellent way to learn, share and meet colleagues to discuss about possible cooperation opportunities.

First, some more information.

When and where:

The event will take place in 2 different locations and departments.

Monday 13 March there are classes at the Amsterdam School of International Business (AMSIB), location Fraijlemaborg in the business disctrict.


On Tuesday 14 March we organise a professionalisation day for lecturers and management. We start the day at the AMSIB location and after lunch we will continue the programme at the Marketing & Sales(M&S) location Wibauthuis on our new Amstelcampus in the city centre. The day will consist of workshops, networking opportunities and we’ll finish the day with drinks and a nice dinner.

On Wednesday 15 March, finally, the guestlectures and workshops will be held at the Wibauthuis location.


Who’s your audience:

AMSIB students are in their second semester of the first year.

At the M&S department the event is open for all Bachelor students.


The topic of the overall programme is The future of global marketing and entrepreneurship.

On the AMSIB location the focus is more general on the global mindset but can also be more specific on social resonsible entrepreneurship.

The M&S department invites lecturers to share their expertise in the following fields: entrepeneurship, sports & event marketing, marketing & sales, digital marketing. The international event will be part of a larger event called: “Your next steps” and informs students about the specialisations they can choose from. We are very curious about the international trends in your countries in these particular areas.

There is also room in the Wednesday programme to offer a more general topic, such as the global mindset.

Communication and organisation:

We kindly ask that you use the attached form to describe your topic We will use your description on our website and other communication platforms to inform students about the lectures they can choose from. We recommend you keep your description as consise and attractive as possible, in order for students to understand what they can expect.

Once the programme has been finalised we can inform you about your teaching slots.

To plan the event it really helps to know whether you will be available all 3 (full) days. Please indicate your availability on the sheet as well.


We will make sure you can meet the Erasmus+ requirements of 8 teaching or professionalisation hours.


As described earlier, there are 2 teaching days and 1 teachers day. On Tuesday we invite AUAS lecturers to meet you and together you attend workshops about several international topics.

As is our tradition, we invite you to a dinner in down town Amsterdam to enjoy the city.

On Sunday, if you so desire, we can offer an informal social programme in the afternoon.

Obviously, if you wish to stay longer, please indicate this on the sheet, so we can find more activities for you to do. You are welcome to meet more lecturers, observe some classes or benchmark.


We recommend you book a hotel near the metro lines 50, 54, 51.

Both locations can be reached by metro. The Wibauthuis location can also be reached by trams 7, 10, 3.

Wibauthuis is located at approx. 10 minutes from Leidseplein and 5 minutes (metro) from Central Station.

Fraylamaborg is located near the business area and next to the Arena soccer stadium and about 25/30 minutes from Central Station.

Both locations also have hotels nearby. For Wibauthuis that is Casa 400, Student Hotel and Volkshotel at walking distance.

For the hotels Casa 400 and Le Coin, we can get you a AUAS discount.