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CIMA competition for 1st and 2nd year Kozminski University undergraduate students. Registration lasts until 15 May 2020.

Dear Students!

We would like to encourage you to take part in an international competition held by CIMA, which is one of the leading associations focused on training professionals in management accounting and financial management. CIMA certificates are widely recognized among many established companies from financial sector, in particular in consulting and auditing firms (more information about the association can be found on https://www.cimaglobal.com/).

Our university is accredited by CIMA, so you have opportunity to take part in the challenge and compete with many recognised universities from Central and Eastern Europe.

Participation in the competition not only allows you to broaden your knowledge of the practical application of various management accounting and financial management tools, but also gives you the great opportunity to meet with many people working on managerial positions in recognised companies from the financial branch. It is an extraordinary opportunity to make interesting and useful contacts and a chance to promote oneself and to do an internship in renowned institutions. Participation in the competition therefore provides an opportunity to gain extremely valuable experience at the beginning of your professional career.

The competition is intended for bachelor students of the 1st and 2nd year.

The competition will consist of 3 stages:

  1. In the first stage all submitted teams will compete in an internal competition organized by individual universities. Each university selects the winning team, which then represents the university in the Quiz, in which 1 team from each university takes part. The internal competition within each university begins in May and ends in early September. During this time, an appropriate project should be prepared, which will then be evaluated by appointed lecturers from the Department of Accounting and Finance. The quiz will be conducted online and will take place on September 18. The six best teams will go to the second stage.

  2. The second stage, also in the online version, will take place in the first week of October.

  3. Three best teams will be selected from the second stage and will then take part in the finals scheduled for the end of October.

In order to participate in the competition, you must register your team on the CIMA website:

The registration deadline is 15 May 2020.

In the link given above you will also find information about the competition. We would also like to remind you that more information about the CIMA program as well as about the competition can be obtained from:
•    PhD Adrian Struciński, who is a mentor from the Department of Accounting KU- email: astrucinski(at)kozminski.edu.pl
•    Mr Borys Szkodziak, who is our student and ambassador of the CIMA program at our University – email: ambasador.kozminski(at)cimauczelnie.pl