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European Conference of World Association for Public Opinion Research


Regional, European Conference of World Association for Public Opinion Research 



Gdansk, Poland 15-16 March 2012

Organized by the Kozminski University, Warsaw


What are main features, determinants and consequences of economic opinions, economic attitudes and economic culture in the broader current economic and political context?


The last world financial crisis has caused a long and deep economic recession. While it has affected various countries to various degrees and in somewhat different manners, it is now more universally followed by governmental budgetary problems and constrains, especially concerning social services and welfare.  This new economic situation has generated a discussion about strengthening governmental control and the active involvement of state institutions in economic processes. Even the most liberal (in European rather than American meaning) economists advocate nowadays some more state interventionism and some limits to excessive free market.  However, there is surprisingly little systematic and generalized knowledge about public opinions and attitudes in this respect as well as psychological well-being, feeling of self-directness or helplessness and their consequences. Some countries experience growing social protest, sometimes quite violent. While violent protests are seldom universal, the growing and spreading dissatisfaction or disillusion may be very dangerous for the legitimacy of economic and political system of free market democracy as a whole. 


The Gdansk conference will focus on economic opinions and attitudes, especially those concerning current problems related to different aspects of contradiction or continuum between free market and state interventionism, in their relations to changing economic and particularly living conditions on one hand and support for socio-economic and political system as a whole on the other. We may also try to reconstruct economic imagination or economic culture of the societies.


Gdansk is a historic city with nicely reconstructed and beautiful old quarter, in which the conference will take place. It was the most important Hanza port on Baltic shores. More recently, the II World War begun there and – later – it was the cradle of  “Solidarity”.


Additional substantive information can be obtained by e-mail from professor Krzysztof Zagórski, Director of Empirical Sociology Center, Kozminski University, Warsaw, 


Organizational information can be obtained from mrs Wanda Widziszewska at wandaw(at)kozminski.edu.pl