» International Cooperation » Invitation - FGES - Université Catholique de Lillle - 3rd Erasmus week - 20-23 February 2018

Invitation - FGES - Université Catholique de Lillle - 3rd Erasmus week - 20-23 February 2018

Dear Colleagues,

Les Facultés de l’Université Catholique de Lille are happy to invite you to their 3rd Erasmus International week from 20th to 23rd February 2018 with the theme « Work and Live in Europe, Cultural Diversity ». It will be an opportunity for teachers to give visiting lectures at our university under Erasmus Teaching and Staff Mobility (STA). With this Erasmus Week we would like to further increase the successful cooperation between our universities.

Our major faculties are:

- FD, Faculty of Law

- FGES, Faculty of Management, Economics and Science

- FLSH, Faculty of Arts and Humanities

- FMM, Faculty of Medecine and Midwifery

- FT, Faculty of Theology

- ESPOL, European School of Political and Social Sciences

Academics from partner universities are welcome to propose lectures in different topics related to e-business, sustainable development, entrepreneurship, business, management, economics, accounting and finance, tourism management, international business, marketing, law, legal risks, ethics, biology, biotechnology, computer sciences & IT, international relations, contemporary history, political sciences, communication, psychology, foreign languages and civilisations, film studies, English and world literature and other innovations in other fields, especially teaching.

The main objectives will be to share scientific content and methods, and to develop extracurricular activities and networking events.

In addition to the guest lectures, the programme will include a welcome session, a presentation of partner universities and cultural activities.

English will be the general language. For teaching you can choose your language: English or French (German, Spanish or Italian are only used for teaching in Modern Languages).

Your participation in lectures and activities during the International Week will ensure that we can provide certificates for the full number of teaching hours.

There is no participation fee. You will need to pay your own travel expenses, accommodation costs and some meals. You may be eligible to apply for Erasmus funding to cover these expenses but you should check it with your own Erasmus coordinator. We will provide several lunches, farewell dinner and local travel for cultural/tourist activities

Please confirm your availability before 15th December 2017 by filling in the online application: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeNuIghsSOkPDRzVFBYbmKx3YvQdPOjId32QT-9ab8S3EiQjw/viewform?usp=sf_link

We will get back to you by 16th January 2018 to confirm your participation and to give you further details about the programme of seminars.