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MBS International Week 2020: Call for Applications

Dear Colleagues,


Greetings from Munich! We are excited to announce that the MBS International Week 2020 will take place from March 18 – 20, 2020. Join us, as we explore Responsibility in Business!


Business activities affect all people every day and continuously change the world. It is all the more important to take responsibility for the consequences of one's actions and to therefore act responsibly. As a result, responsibility today is not any more just a voluntary, optional addendum, but rather an integral part of traditional business topics such as finance, marketing, leadership, innovation, and more. Thanks to the power of businesses around the world, positive effects on people and the environment can be achieved in a particularly direct way.


In this context we invite professors from partner universities to make transparent the various possibilities of responsibility in business and its effects during the MBS International Week. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet other colleagues and share in an enjoyable experience for all that are involved.


Schedule Overview:

Wednesday, March 18: Seminars and Kick-off Panel Discussion

Thursday, March 19: Seminars and Lunch with Students

Friday, March 20: Networking with MBS Faculty and Social Activity


Participating professors should create one seminar which lasts 3 hours. The same seminar will be taught twice, to provide students with several opportunities to attend the seminar. In addition, on Wednesday, March 18 the International Week will start with a panel discussion in which all participating professors are asked to partake.


The International Week is eligible to the Erasmus + Teaching Mobility Fund.


Munich Business School takes care of meals and cultural activities.


How to apply?

1.       Teachers must complete the attached application form and send it, along with a resume and session proposal to Friederike.habbel(at)munich-business-school.de by November 15, 2019

2.       We will review all the applications and course description and select the best profiles. We are looking for a variety of approaches to the theme of “Responsibility in Business”.

3.       We will contact everyone to let them know the decision in the following weeks. If positive, we will ask a few lines about the background of the lecturer to create an information booklet for our students.