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The best Executive MBA program in Poland at Kozminski University.

International Executive MBA program offered by our university is the best such program in Poland, 28th EMBA program in Europe and 81st in the world according to the "Financial Times", which published their ranking of TOP 100 EMBA Programs in the world on the 25 October 2010.


Kozminski University was listed in the "Financial Times" global EMBA ranking for the second consecutive year (ranked 91st in 2009) and again it is the only Polish institution within the ranking. Kozminski University offers several MBA programs, and the program listed by the "Financial Times" is our three-semester, bilingual (Polish/English) international program for top level managers. The alumni of this EMBA program are the best prepared experts in large enterprise management in our country. It is the only such program in Poland holding the prestigious EQUIS accreditation and one of only 4 in the country accredited by AMBA.


The Prestigious EMBA program for top managers is the most rapidly developing business education product in the world. Initially it was only an American format of studying, but today it is offered by over one thousand higher education institutions worldwide. American universities still dominated the rankings and within the top 100 there were 51 of them. The ranking also includes a group of 16 Global Executive MBA programs delivered internationally by several partner institutions simultaneously. Aside from Kozminski University no other Executive MBA program delivered independently by a higher education institution or scientific unit based in Central and Eastern Europe was present in the ranking, which is a great success of a Polish institutions.


- We are very proud of the presence of our university in the "Financial Times" EMBA ranking - says prof. Andrzej K. Koźmiński, the Rector of Kozminski University. - We have the courage to compete with the best programs of this sort in the world, but we are also certain, that Poland is not and should not be treated and the educational third world. We host over 700 foreign students from over 30 countries on our campus at this moment, we have international academic staff - thus we are a truly international business school. The Alumni of our Executive MBA program find employment outside of Poland, and their average income - as the "Financial Times" found out - equal to $138k annually.